I don’t think I had heard of almond milk before I started investigating plant-based eating, and if I had I’m sure making it myself wouldn’t have even sounded possible.  Thankfully for me I found a basic recipe in the first plant-based cookbook I bought and have since made my own yummy and extremely simple recipe.

Nutritious Almond Milk

The only thing this recipe really requires is a bit of forethought, but not very much and not very often.  It is best to soak your almonds before processing them, for a few reasons.  One, the softer nut will be processed easier and result in a smoother consistency.  Two, it makes the nuts easier to digest, because by soaking them you are allowing the dormant enzymes to become active again.

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Soaking Almonds

All you have to do is place your desired amount of almonds in some distilled water and sit it on the counter overnight.  I usually soak 1/2 C to 1 C of almonds at a time because I don’t go through almond milk that quickly, and I always save my soaking water to use for the liquid in making almond milk because it is full of nutrients from the nuts.  After soaking, I lay the almonds out on the counter the next day to air dry a bit.  When they aren’t dripping anymore (I usually just leave them out for the day) you can pop them into the freezer and they will keep for quite a long time.  Not much work and totally worth the prep!

So without further ado, the extremely simple and fast but amazingly fantastic Nutritious Almond Milk Recipe!

Ingredients:photo 1

2 C distilled water (or almond soaking water)

1/4 C soaked almonds

1/2 large Medjool date (or 1 small date)

Optional: 3 ice cubes if water is not cold and you will be using milk right away


photo 2
Almond Milk Ingredients

Place water in your blender and add almonds, date and ice if using.  Blend on high for about one minute until ingredients are thoroughly mixed and no chopping sounds are heard.  Place milk into container of your choice (I use a mason jar) and store in the refrigerator.  I would recommend using within one week, however I have used some as old as two weeks and didn’t notice a taste difference.  But sometimes my taste buds don’t work, so you’ve been warned 😉

Note:  Playing around with this very basic recipe is a must!  I tried adding some vanilla extract to mine once and didn’t prefer the vanilla flavoring, but that is a variation many people enjoy.  Also adding cinnamon, honey, or making flavored milk with fruit or chocolate is totally an option!  I would love to hear about your fun flavors and almond milk experiments, so post away!

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